CANTEMUS midi file archive

Access to items used at Easter concert in 2007

Title of Piece ComposerPage number Speed
Versions for each part
Ave MariaSchubert (Arr. R.Patten) (130) S A T B
For the Beauty of the EarthRutter (130) S1 S2 A1 A2 T1 T2 B1 B2
Crucifixion 02 - The Agony Stainer Page 2 (84) S1 A1 T1 B1
Crucifixion 03 - Procession to CalvaryStainerPage 10(100) S1 A1 T1 B1
Crucifixion 09 - God so Loved the World StainerPage 30 (90) S1 A1 T1 B1
Crucifixion 18 - The Appeal of the Crucified StainerPage 46(140) S1 A1 T1 B1
Crucifixion 19 - After this - Jesus .... StainerPage 56(88) T1 T2 B1 B2
Crucifixion 20 - For the love of Jesus StainerPage 58(168) S1 A1 T1 B1
Introit et Kyrie FauréPage 1(50) S1 A1 T1 T2 B1 B2
OffertoireFauréPage 9 (50) S1 A1 T1 B1
Sanctus FauréPage 18(60) S1 A1 T1 B1
Agnus Dei FauréPage 27(72) S1 A1 T1 T2 B1 B2
Libera MeFauréPage 36 (120) S1 A1 T1 T2 B1 B2
In Paradisum Fauré Page 48 (60) S1 A1 T1 T2 B1 B2
  1. All the Stainer pieces came from data on the Internet, and have been generated with most notes shortened by a semiquaver, which makes a slightly jerky sounding performance. I didnt have time to change it, sorry! Also some have dynamic interpretaion which I left in.
  2. In the Crucifixion, the hymns have not been included, except the last.
  3. "The Processional" fades in at bar 43 , fades out at bar 124, and back at 157
  4. In Schubert's Ave Maria, from bar 68 beat 4, to end bar 76, everyone sings unison ie second line.