CANTEMUS midi file archive

Access to items used at christmas concert in 2006

The files are all mostly named with the first (up to) 8 characters of the title (eg ADAMLAY.MID)

Title of Piece ComposerSource and
page number
Versions for each part
Otche Nash (The Lord's Prayer) Arensky ESM 25 (70) S1 S2 A1 A2 T1 T2 B1 B2
Geistliches Lied (sacred Song) Brahms ESM 56 (120) S1 A1 T1 B1
Os Justi Bruckner ESM 75 (75) S1 S2 A1 A2 T1 T2 B1 B2
Locus Iste Bruckner ESM 82 (100) S1 A1 T1 B1
Cantique de Jean Racine Fauré ESM 103 (75) S1 A1 T1 B1
Panis Angelicus Franck ESM 114 (77) S1 A1 T1 B1
Ave Verum Corpus Mozart ESM 248 (90) S1 A1 T1 B1
Bogoroditsye (Ave Maria) Rachmaninov ESM 278 (55) S1 S2 A1 A2 T1 T2 B1 B2
Mass: Kyrie Haydn Cpy 1 (50) S1 A1 T1 B1
Mass: Gloria Haydn Cpy 7 (86) S1 A1 T1 B1
Mass: Credo Haydn Cpy 12 (76) S1 A1 T1 B1
Mass: Sanctus Haydn Cpy 24 (100) S1 A1 T1 B1
Mass: Benedictus Haydn Cpy 33 (100) S1 A1 T1 B1
Mass: Agnus Dei Haydn Cpy 36 (72) S1 A1 T1 B1
Adam Lay Ybounden Ord CC2 10 (95) S1 A1 T1 B1
Matin Reponsory Palestrina CC2 68 (80) S1 A1 T1 B1
Zion Hears the Watchmens Voices Bach/Rutter CC2 214 (74) S1 A1 T1 B1
  1. CC2 = Carols for Choirs 2, ESM = European Sacred Music, Cpy= CPDL copy (see below)
  2. For the majority of pieces 'first' and 'second' is the same.
  3. Benedictus starts on page 28, but here the music fades in at Bar 53 on page 33.
  4. "Zion Hears --" fades in at Bar 9.
Click here to get a pdf file of the score for Haydn's little organ mass (Missa Brevis no 7 in B flat) from CPDL (Choral Public Domain Library) aaaaaaa