EVENSONG at St Faith's midi file store

On the fourth Sunday of most months the church of St Faith's Havant welcomes choristers from local choirs to join in Evensong. This section will sometimes contain practice files for some of the harmony items.

This music is expected to be sung on 25th February 2024

Principles of Robins Midi file design.

Each sung part has their own version of the work in the fom of a synthesised misic file known as a midi file (filename.mid). Parts and accompaniment have appropriate sounds similar to singers or organ and piano.The singers part will be audibly enhanced on the right stereo channel, other parts will be at a lesser volume on the left stero channel, and accompaniments will be slightly muted and balanced over both channels. You can change your computer's stereo balance to enhance these effects, but If you are using stereo headphones the effect can be achieved by offsetting the relevant earpiece so you hear less or no sound from it.

Please note that this is strictly for practice, and you may not always hear a particularly pleasant sound, and there will be no dynamics.

Sometimes there are solo parts alongside the choral parts. In this case they will always be heard on both channels.

Before unaccompanied pieces, or pieces starting with no piano intro, to strike the rhythm for the singer, two extra bars are inserted at the beginning. The first bar contains the initial note of the part on each beat of the bar, and the second bar is empty. However the bar numbers of the MIDI file should always match the score.

File download area

Find your voice in the table alongside the piece of music you wish to hear or load down.

If you are using Windows, depending on your browser settings, the file may play at once with QuickTime, or with MediaPlayer. If you have a Mac, your file will probably be read into to your "Downloads" folder, and you can click on it from there to play it with you default music player

Music for use on February 25th 2024

NOTE: If you click on the column under "Youtube?" (if it is not blank) you may find a reasonable quality actual performance, sometimes including a rolling score for good measure. Should you find a number (EG 5:50) this is the minutes and seconds offset to the start of the piece.

Title of Piece ComposerVersions for each partYoutube?Score?
See note 1
Thomas Morley Sop 1 Alt 1 Ten 1 Bass 1 0.0 Score
Nunc Dimittis
See note 2
Thomas Morley Sop 1 Alt 1 Ten 1 Bass 1 2.15 Score
O Lord, Increase Our FaithLoosemore Sop Alt Ten Bass 0.0 Score
Ayleward responses Richard Ayleward Sop Alt Ten Bass 0.0 Score
Hymn - My Spirit Longs ffor Thee Sop Alt Ten Bass Score
Hymn - Lord Jesus, Think on Me Sop Alt Ten Bass Score
Psalm 135, Vs 1-14
See note 3
Soop Alt Ten Bass Score
  1. Score from CPDL error: Bass part, bar 6, 1st note is G, should be lower Bb
  2. Score from CPDL error: Bass part, bar 3, 2nd note is A, should be A
  3. Psalm: - 3 rations for pracrice, not matching lyr

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Technical Notes on Midi file structure.