The Roland Karaoke program (or Jukebox) was originally written to play Midi files with words and a "bouncing-ball" scenario for karaoke singers. However, serious choristers can if they wish, turn off this feature, and just use the following features:

  1. Window with a list of songs to practice.
  2. Group your songs into named lists for practicing for different concerts
  3. Start and stop songs anywhere by bar number
  4. Select a guide channel (your part?) and enhance it, or mute it.
  5. Change speed of performance
  6. Change pitch of performance
  7. Very simple controls, using keyboard or mouse.
  8. Although written for Windows 95/98 and including its own software synthesiser, it will run without it in abreviated form on XP.

There are many thousands of Midi files on the internet, mostly free. Roland Karaoke program can play all of them, as well as the somewhat refined versions presented on this website.

To load the program to your computer click here

The file you get is a zip file. When on your computer, double click should invoke the unzip program. Otherwise you may have to procure the zip program - many versions available on the net - I use turbozip.

When the unzip function asks for somewhere to put the output, I suggest C:\Program Files\Roland\directory (which will probably not already exist).

When your program directory exists with your unzipped files in, find the result using Windows Explorer, and right-click on the little dark blue icon for the Application called Jukeplay.

In the drop down menu, slide down to "Send to --", and in the next drop down, slide down to "Create Shortcut" and left-click.

You now should have an icon on your desktop called Jukeplay, and double click should start the program.

A quick guide to getting started with Roland karaoke

The first time the program runs, you may get a full screen picture, with the karaoke small with space bar, or mouse on stop button window at top right. This is where the words and the bouncing ball effect would take place if you were using the feature. I turn this feature off, by clicking on the name Roland, which gives you a menu including "Background Picture". Run the pointer down to it, and select "None" from the three options. The background picture should disappear.

Now click on the little open folder icon below the Roland name. You should get another window empty. You can now change the folder to address a folder with your practice midi files in. Click on one of those files and you are ready to choose which files to sing today. Select Request all , or select some files, then close.

The program starts to play the first file. To see all the files while playing, click the icon at the top which looks lilke a single page. Stop the playing with mouse on stop button, or spacebar.

You can move the files up and down the file list. Keyboard space-bar starts and stops it. Up/Down arrow changes to next or previous song, left/right arrow moves back or forward a few bars. RightClick on file list window gives option to save as a favourites list. To recall a previously saved favourites list, left click on the name Roland.

All this and much more should be available in the "Help" section - click the "?" icon.