Music for a concert in November 2012.

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See the notes about practice material for Rachmaninov "Vespers"

Title of Piece ComposerVersions for each part
The Beatitudes Arvo Pärt Sop Alt Ten Bas
The Lamb Tavener Sop Alt Ten Bas
Song for Athene Tavener Sop 1 Sop 2 Alt 1 Alt 2 Ten Bas 1 Bas 2
SvyatiJohn Tavener Sop 1 Sop 2 Sop 3 Alt 1 Alt 2 Alt 3 Ten 1 Ten 2 Ten 3 Bas 1 Bas 2 Bas 3/4
Vespers Rachmaninov Complete Work - CyberBass version.
  1. As I am unable to provide a complete set of the "Vespers" at the moment, I have pointed to a set of practice files on the CyberBass website. These entries have a piano sound which I personally do not prefer, however the separation of the individual parts is very clear, and some people may even prefer it.

    Apple Mac users should probably read the relevant notes from the programmer on the CyberBass website (pointer just above the parts table).