Bob Chilcott - On Christmas Night

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File download area

The files accessed from this page contain the accompaniment and vocal parts synthesised on the Roland D20, or on an AWE32 computer sound card. The quality of the result however will depend on the quality of your own sound card and sound system on your computer. The accompaniment is spread evenly across both channels, but the parts are arranged on either the left stereo channel, or, in the case of your part, on the right stereo channel. Thus if you set your stereo balance to the centre you will hear a reasonable balance of all parts. However if you set the balance to the right, you should hear your part dominating. Conversely, if you set the balance to the left, your part should be almost inaudible (for confident singers, who probably don't need this help anyway!)

If you are using stereo headphones the effect can be achieved by offsetting the relevant earpiece so you hear less or no sound from it.

Please note that this is strictly for practice, and you should not expect a particularly pleasant sound, and I am afraid no dynamics.

Sometimes there are solo parts alongside the choral parts. In this case they will always be heard on both channels.

Sometimes before unaccompanied pieces, or pieces starting with no piano intro, to strike the rhythm for the singer, two extra bars are inserted at the beginning. The first bar contains the initial note of the part on each beat of the bar, and the second bar is empty.

Find your voice in the table alongside the piece of music you wish to hear or load down.To hear the midi file played, just click on it. Depending on your browser settings the file may play at once with QuickTime, or with MediaPlayer. Or you may get a pop-up which will offer you the option to "Open" the file, or "Save" it with some warnings about safety. If you only wish to save the file without playing it, its better to right-click and follow the drop-down menu to the "Save" option. In either case, you will be asked to choose where on your computer to place it.

Bob Chilcott - On Christmas Night

YOUTUBE Versions: Click on the last column of the table to access a Youtube version of the piece. The number (mm.ss) represnts the time in minutes and seconds to scan forward to the start of the section.

Title of Piece ComposerVersions for each partYoutube
1: This is the Truth (1) Bob Chilcott Sop 1 Sop 2 Alt Ten 1 Ten 2 Bass Yes
2: Adam Lay Ybounden Bob Chilcott Sop Alt Ten Bass Yes
3: A Spotless Rose Bob Chilcott Sop 1 Sop 2 Alt Ten 1 Ten 2 Bass Yes
4: The Cherry Tree CarolBob Chilcott Sop Alt Ten Bass Yes
5: O Little TownBob Chilcott Sop Alt Ten Bass Yes
6: Sweet Was the SongBob Chilcott Sop Alt Ten Bass Yes
7: Rejoice and Be MerryBob Chilcott Sop 1 Sop 2 Alt Ten 1 Ten 2 Bass Yes
8: This is the Truth (2) Bob Chilcott Sop 1 Sop 2 Alt Ten 1 Ten 2 Bass Yes
  1. Upper Voices: In these pieces the part is sung by the second sopranos and second tenors.
  2. Youtube versions: The pointer takes you to a playlist of the whole set by the Nihon University Chorus club. Scroll down to select a specific piece.