WHOLE WORKS SECTION Tallis - Spem in Alium

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File download area

The files accessed from this page contain the vocal parts synthesised in Musical Instrument Digital Interface or MIDI format. The quality of the sound you hear will depend on the quality of your own sound card and sound system on your computer. In the case of this piece having up to 40 voices singing at once, some modification was needed to avoid exceeding the polyphony (maximum number of simultaneous voice sounds) of the average computer system, which is usually 24 or 32. The singers part will be on the right stereo channel with the greatest volume, the rest of the voices in that choir (there beinging eight choirs in all) with lesser volume, and the remaining voices balanced across both stereo channels at a much lower volume. Thus if you set your stereo balance to the centre you will hear a reasonable balance of all parts and still be able to distinguish your part. However if you set the balance to the right, you should hear your part dominating strongly. Conversely, if you set the balance to the left, your part should be almost inaudible (for confident singers, who probably don't need this help anyway!)

If you are using stereo headphones the effect can be achieved by offsetting the relevant earpiece so you hear less or no sound from it.

Please note that this is strictly for practice, and you should not expect a particularly pleasant sound, and no dynamics.

To strike the rhythm for the singer, the first note of parts starting in bar 1 is struck in the time signature giving (in this case) 4 beats followed by 4 beats rest.

Find your voice in the table alongside the piece of music you wish to hear or load down. To hear the midi file played, just click on it. Depending on your browser settings the file may play at once with QuickTime, or with MediaPlayer, or you may get a pop-up which will offer you the option to "Open" the file, or "Save" it with some warnings about safety. If you only wish to save the file without playing it, its better to right-click and follow the drop-down menu to the "Save" option. In either case, you will be asked to choose where on your computer to place it.

For those who copy to their own computer and use a program to play the piece, the bar numbers you see will match the score, and the enhanced part will be on Midi channel 4.

Tallis - Spem in Alium - 40 part motet

Choir Parts
Choir 1 Sop Alt Ten 1 Ten 2 Bass
Choir 2 Sop Alt Ten 1 Ten 2 Bass
Choir 3 Sop Alt Ten 1 Ten 2 Bass
Choir 4 Sop Alt Ten 1 Ten 2 Bass
Choir 5 Sop Alt Ten 1 Ten 2 Bass
Choir 6 Sop Alt Ten 1 Ten 2 Bass
Choir 7 Sop Alt Ten 1 Ten 2 Bass
Choir 8 Sop Alt Ten 1 Ten 2 Bass